How should I prepare for my session?


We advise all patients to be prepared to completely disrobe during the scan, or at least wear undergarments that cover a minimal surface area of your body. Simply put, we need to be able to see the moles on your body for the scan to be fully effective.

If you have a particular mole that is in a very hairy part of your body, we recommend you shave or wax the area prior to coming to our office for a scan.

What happens during My Session?

Using a computerized mole mapping system, Dr. MacPhee MD MSc PhD and his highly trained nurses perform a computerized scan of your entire skin surface to detect possible skin cancer lesions by identifying each mole on your body, and tracking any changes over time. The entire process takes only a few minutes of your busy day and can help save your life. The scans are completely pain-free and safe, as no radiation is used and no injections are required. We will even show you the scan images, if you wish to see them.

What Happens After?

After your body scan, any suspicious lesions can be biopsied and sent for pathological examination. If you have developed a cancer, we facilitate a referral to the appropriate surgeon and/or oncologist without the need for you to go to your family physician.

What does it cost?

Please note that computerized skin cancer prevention scans are not covered by OHIP. The cost of an initial full body scan is $175. Follow-up scans are priced at $150 per session. All scans are income tax deductible or may be covered by health insurance/health spending accounts.

How often do I need to get a scan done?

Typically people should undergo a mole scan every 6-12 months. Sometimes, a high risk patient may opt to undergo a full scan every 3 months.